Monday, May 4, 2015

If you love to stamp you must get a MISTI and please let me tell you why

First just let me say that I'm in no way affiliated with the MISTI nor compensated in any way, I just have to spread the love about the tool that gave me, a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer, back my ability to create with stamping again!

Buy the MISTI here and read below why you should!

I must write a letter of praise for Illiana and her MISTI (Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented) as they have changed my crafting life forever! I have been scrapbooking/stamping for 11 years now but for the last 3 my Rheumatoid Arthritis took away my ability to get a good stamped image. My hands shake, I can't press hard enough because it creates unimaginable pain or when I press it is with uneven pressure so I basically gave up on stamping! :( I purchased the Friskers Foam Feet stamp press, ergonomic rocker blocks etc, hundreds of dollars worth of stuff I can't use...until now! Even with my Rheumatoid Arthritis raging, I can get a perfect stamped project every time! The MISTI is not affected by my shaking hand, it causes me no pain because it is just like closing a book and if I don't get a perfect image because I inked up the stamp with too little ink I can stamp it a second, third or fourth time and it is perfect! I must also say that your prices are the most fair I have ever seen and the products are worth every cent! I purchased the MISTI, the special cleaner, a couple of magnets and the graphing pad and including shipping was less then $100 dollars and I can now throw out the $$$'s of blocks & contraptions that did me no good!

I highly recommend getting yourself a couple of magnets, they cost very little, they are very powerful and while I could just use tape or simply pull the paper away from the stamp when done, they are a great convenience for such a little price!

 I clean my stamp by simply wiping it with a finger wrapped by a baby wipe, then I pull the stamp off and put it away. When I'm finished stamping for the day I give my MISTI a good wipe down with the special cleaner to help keep it in tip top shape. This clean should actually be used on any of your acrylic blocks or stamp presses to keep them clear and shiny for life. The bottle is huge and will last you a year or two before you have to buy another one.

The graph paper is awesome for lining up your stamps in the perfect spot for your card and the word images are actually straight EVERY TIME! NO more card bases thrown in the garbage for miss aligned words or using more card stock to cover the miss aligned stamping! I need more of these as I know the one pad I purchased just won't be enough even though you can use it multiple times before you need to turf it. I suggest at least 2 pads for the person who stamps weekly. In addition to the graph paper, Illiana has a free PDF of a graph to be taken to your local print shop to be printed on a transparency (by the way, make sure you tell the guy in the print shop to print it in 'actual' size not stretched or cropped to fit) and this transparency is used to help you find the center of your card front, envelope etc, so you can position stamps perfectly. There are two to an 8.5x11 transparency so I had them print me 3 sheets which only cost me a couple of dollars! I use these a lot so thanks for doing that work for us Illiana!
This is the absolute must have tool if you are following the industry trend of multiple layered images i.e. a solid background rose with an additional one or two layers, to be stamped in darker shades or colors, that must be lined up perfectly on top of the previous one. I could NEVER get those perfect even before my RA but now they are perfect every time with my MISTI!
I can't say enough about this product but I just have to tell people when I find a great product as I appreciate others who do the same for me!

Buy the MISTI by clicking  here
Many Blessings! 

Have a SCRAPtastic day!