Thursday, April 30, 2015

Simple triple gate fold card base used for my Look Whoos Here Baby Card

These entire card is made from the Close To My Heart Artbooking Cartridge and my simple card base shown above.  I will post the instructions for you tomorrow!

Have a SCRAPtastic day!


Friday, April 24, 2015

CutterPillar Pro V3 - Yes or No?

In February 2013 I ordered the CutterPillar Pro V3.  I was advised the company had stopped production and was upgrading-redesigning the product to make it even better so it make take a few weeks.  I wanted this cutter bad!  Like most of you probably, I have a craft room filled with cutters that just didn't work!  This one seemed different!  I watched their videos, read customer reviews etc. and I was going to hang on until I got one so I ended up getting it 9 Month Later!  October 28 or 29th 2013!

I was over the moon!  Never met a cutter like this before!  Accurate, easy to use, safe and dependable!  I told every person I could that this was the be all to end all of tools that everyone needed!  I teach scrapbooking, card making and many of those ladies now own CutterPillars because I told them to buy without worry as it was worth $100+ dollars if you never had to buy another one right?!?!

I made good use of it until March 2014 when I had a routine surgery that turned into a nightmare.  I was in an out of hospital, many, many surgeries and to this very day I'm waiting to have more hospital time & surgery time in the next few months to finally be healed.  That prevented me from using my CutterPillar for many months.

I began to notice a few spots where the ruler rid was wearing off!  I kept a watch on it but I was getting really nervous towards the end of October 2014 as it was really starting to deteriorate.  October 18th, 2014 I wrote the company about my awesome cutter having a problem and because this was a well made, expensive product I knew that this was probably an anomaly or perhaps one of the first ones off the line once it was upgraded so I decided to let the company know what I was experiencing and I was sure they would make things right.

Watch this video and see how it all ended up....

CutterPillar Timeline:

February 2013 - Ordered CutterPillar V3 from Oh My Crafts
October 28 or 29th 2013 - Received CutterPillar
March 2014 - Many surgeries, many weeks in the hospital and currently awaiting more surgery May 2015
October 18, 2014 - Wrote CutterPillar about the measurement grid starting to wear away after minimal use
October 22, 2014 - Told Arianne had no option but to offer to sell me a new one
October 22, 2014 - Replied to Arianne asking if a supervisor or manger might have more options available to them to         them to replace these FEW defective CutterPillars.
October 29, 2014 - Rude response and told to get a sharpie and a ruler out and draw the lines on
Have a SCRAPtastic day!