Friday, January 3, 2014

Do you have those bulk paper pads that more than half the papers scream "What were you thinking?"

Hi Everyone!

I have to admit I'm a lover of a deal & those paper pads with anywhere from 50 to 200 sheets seem like a 'deal you can't pass up' but once the money has left my bank account and the paper has made its way to my scraproom I have that 'What were you thinking?' panic attack!!  10 - 30 pages will work on your layouts and cards but what to do with the rest???

Marry those 'unsuitable' sheets to your We R Memory Keeper's Envelope Punch Board!!  Those paper stacks are almost always single side graphics so use the white side for the outside of your envelope and the inside makes an instant 'trendy envelope liner' look!  With the pattern on the inside, no one will care about it's beauty as they will see only the inside flap of the color and the outside is clean and white ready for the address labels.  The other great thing is that these papers are slightly heavier than text weight paper (the kind in your printer) so it will be sturdy enough to handle the post office machinery and the pattern on the inside ensures the content can't be seen from the outside :)

Use tape runner etc for construction securing the 3 flaps that form the envelope & then use some inexpensive double-sided tape roll (I use some from my local dollar store) on the closure flap...just don't bare the tape until the envelope is ready to be sealed.  That way you can make lots ahead of time to store or to provide with card sets as gifts.

Thanks so much for stopping in today and allowing me to share my ideas! Hope you find them useful!
Happy New Year!

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