Monday, December 16, 2013

Want even more ribbon storage??

Whenever I go on vacation, visit theme parks or perhaps attend a class we often get lanyards...being a scrapbooker makes me a 'non waster' so I have diligently kept each and every lanyard, rehung them every time they spilled off the hook....and now I have found a use for them!!

I have to simple ribbon holders purchased at Michael's Craft Store...each shelf has 2 ribbon rods and each holds plenty of ribbon however, I still had ribbon stashed in cupboards, baskets, bags, containers etc as they just don't make a ribbon rack big enough for it all!  Well as they say, out of sight means out of mind and so my ribbons stayed hidden in their cupboards instead of on my cards and layouts :(  Then I was struck with a billion watt spotlight lightbulb moment!  I got out my mini ribbon spools, strung them on the lanyards (the hooks or tag holders stop them from falling off the lanyard at the bottom) then I proceeded to evenly space the lanyards between the rolls on the ribbon rods!  Walla!  An amazing amount of additional ribbon storage!

(If you don't already have lanyards to do this, allow me to enable you to get an alternative...
1.  Dollar stores sell lanyards for $1 a piece!
2.  Tie a knot at the bottom of an old necktie string the rolls on then loop the end over the ribbon rod and staple, tie a knot or use an elastic to stop secure the tie to the rod.
3.  Use inexpensive cord from the bargain bin at the fabric store, add a noose at one end to thread onto the ribbon rod then add an embellishment to the end of the cord to stop the spools from falling off the other end!
4.  Got an empty ribbon spool and some 'ugly' ribbon?  Tie one end of the ugly ribbon around the empty spool thread on the spools you want to display then tie a large paper clip to the opposite end of the 'ugly' ribbon to stop the threaded spools from exiting :)

Ok here's a photo!

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Have a SCRAPtastic day!