Monday, December 2, 2013

Pronged Embellishments! What a pain!

Hey my friends!

I have a tip for you today...

Every try using those pronged embellishments, sometimes called 'nail heads' etc.  If you are going through patterned paper then they are no problem, just put a soft pad beneath, like an old mouse pad or Close To My Heart's Grid Mat, then sit the embellishment where you want it, push down with your thumb and walla it pierces right through!  Turn over your paper and bend the prongs down, done and done right!  Well how about when you want to put them through thicker papers like cardstock?  Almost impossible to push them through, sometime you can't even dint the paper because pushing down causes the prongs to start to curl what do you do?  Tap the prongs onto an ink pad then touch the prongs to the paper.  This will leave little dots where the prongs will go in and then come in with your piercing tool and walla the embellishment slides nicely into the pierced holes, ready for you to turn the paper over and bend down the prongs!  Works for me and I hope it helps someone else too!

Have a SCRAPtastic day!