Saturday, May 18, 2013

The new Close To My Heart Alcohol Based Markers

Hi Everyone!

Close To My Heart jumped on the Alcohol Based Marker's Bandwagon and came up with this great new product.  You have heard of Copic Markers, Spectrum is another brand and these new CTMH Markers are the same, allowing you to color images without those pesky line marks of a dye ink marker and you can blend and blend different shades of the same color family to add shadows and depth to your images.  My husband sells Close To My Heart and sent this video to me as I was curious about investing in these newest CTMH markers as I already have all of the dye ink markers, and I thought I would share this video with you in case you were having the same questions plaguing your mind too.

If you have any questions please contact my husband Greg at

Have a SCRAPtastic day!


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