Saturday, October 13, 2012

Transported back to my youth....

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share a wonderful feeling I had today!

For an upcoming project I needed wax crayons and so I went to the department store and headed right to the Crayola section of the store....oh my things have changed from my youth!  Did you know you can buy a box of 120 crayons!!!  When I was a kid we were darned excited when the packages grew from 16 to 24 crayons in one box!!  That was as big as Armstrong landing on the Moon!  Well I decided not to over indulge in the largest box but I did get a childhood dream of a 96 crayon box, and it has a cool crayon sharpener built right in!  Will miracles never cease!?!? Clutching my newest craft supply I headed for the till and for home not knowing the time machine that would be awaiting there for me....

In my craft room, I carefully took the pen knife and cut the perforations to allow the angled lid to open.  I reached out nervously to open the box.  A huge wall of light flooded out and music sounded as I opened the box and cast my gaze onto 96 soldiers, some really sparkly, standing at attention, waiting to assist me in my newest project!  The smell instantly transported me to 1972, I was 8 years old and I was opening my stocking, desperate to get to that brand new box of crayons and the spectacular new coloring book that I traditionally found in my Christmas Stocking!  I would be able to tell by the shape of the gift, which one housed my brand new crayons...would there be new colors this year?!?!  It will be so wonderful to color those first pictures with sharp, SHARP crayons, as it didn't matter what sharpener you found in the junk drawer of the kitchen, it never got those crayons back to the 'new out of the box' sharp!  What a wonderful transportation back to my youth, and all from a box of crayons!!  My heart leaped with excitement, my mouth watered at the smell, and all I could think of was...Why didn't I buy a coloring book???!!!

Thanks for traveling back with me!  I will share the 'Crayon' project and tutorial with you once I have it all complete but first...know any good coloring book pages web sites? LOL  :-)

Have a SCRAPtastic day!


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