Friday, June 29, 2012

Part 1 - Using the CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge with matching stamp sets

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Over the next several posts I want to share with you my 'routine' for adding a new stamps set to my collection, which can also be cut out with the Close To My Heart Cricut Cartridge Art Philosophy.

When Close To My Heart produces a stamp set that may include images that can be cut with their Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge, they make a notation on the stamp carrying sheet (plastic the stamps come stuck too) regarding the size to cut the shape in order to match the stamped image...
For instance on the Stamp Of The Month for February 2012 - Thoughtful Tidings, you can see that the stamp in the upper-left corner has a small marking to its upper right of 2 1/4", you would set your Cricut to that size in order to cut the shape that this stamp was made to fit to.  This is very helpful, however, I'm betting your like me and would like a little additional help i.e. on which page of the 79 pages in the handbook would you find this shape on?  Also, what about those other shapes without a specific shape & size assigned to them, can they match up to a shape in the book? and if so, what size? Also, what button do I push to get to the shape in the book? Am I right?  Well I'm hoping to help you out with those and any other questions you might have, over then next several posts, so keep checking back or subscribe to my newsletter so you don't miss a thing. (Subscribe by entering your email address in the box at the top-right and hit submit, an email will be sent to you to click a link and confirm your desire to receive my email newsletter)

When I got my Art Philosophy Cartridge I sat down with the handbook and did some numbering of the pages...when you look at a cartridge overlay (white buttons only) you will see each overlay has 5 rows across and 10 buttons on each row...
Therefore I label each page with the button it corresponds to i.e. row 1 button 1 is on page 21 of the handbook and contains a circle <Circle1> and with <shift> a daisy flower <Flower1>, so in the upper left of page 21 I put R1 B1 (row 1 button 1).  Row 1 button 2 is on page 22 of the handbook and contains an oval <Oval1> and with <shift> a snowflake <Snowflake1>.  Row 1 button 3 is on page 23 in the handbook and contains a square <Square1> and with the <shift> a star pattern <Star1>.  I did this on each subsequent page as well....

It may take several minutes to do this but it is worth the effort because in the future when you are flipping through your book and find a shape you want to cut, you can quickly head to the correct button without having to study the entire overlay to find out which button will cut the shape you want.  I love speed and ease of use!!  BTW, the words inside the < > pointy brackets, under the shape is exactly what you should see on your Cricut Screen (Personal bug, Expression or Cricut Create), to ensure you have entered the right button.  The Expression 2 and the Imagine show the picture instead of words like <Oval1>.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them in a comment below or email me at

My next post will explain the next step, adding some markings to that plastic, stamp carrying sheet with a Fine Tip Sharpie Pen which will allow you to make quick work of your next project!

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