Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cricut Ornament

You will find this image on the Cricut Circle Paper Trimmings Cartridge.  I cut two of the ornament on page 64 found at Row 5 Button 3, from dark indigo cardstock.  By the way, it seems there was a mixup on this cartridge as the book shows to make the base of the ornament by using the Shift but that actually gives you the center accent and the book shows no shift to get the center accent but you actually have to press shift.  I then cut 6 of the center accent, scored down the middle and folded in half then glued them together.  Glue the 3 attached center accents to the center of each of the two ornaments.  I then cut the snowflake from the same button just using Circle Feature and no shift.  Glue the baubles back to back with the snowflake in between to make your 3D ornament then tie up a ribbon to hang it from your Christmas Tree!

Here is the list of pieces used:

(2) ornament cut at size 3 1/2"
(6) center accents cut at 3 1/2"
(1) snowflake by turning on the Circle Feature at 5 1/4"

Have a SCRAPtastic day!


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