Monday, June 13, 2011

A little Vinyl Therapy!

We bought some new helmets for our bike touring this year but both helmets are identical except for size. It's a pain to have to find the tag inside to figure out which helmet is his and which one is mine so I decided to spend a quiet evening individualizing our helmets. These images are from Home Decor, Indie Art and finally Gypsy Font, all of which are available at! I purchased my vinyl and transfer tape from - Vinyl

This is a fairly inexpensive & easy way to dress up or make objects identifiable. Make sure when you are cutting your vinyl you want to use the 'Kiss Method' which means you don't want to cut through the backing paper, so just remember the "rule of 3" which means Speed 3, Pressure 3 and Blade depth 3!!

Have fun with your vinyl!!