Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cricut Storage

This is a picture of one area where I keep Cricut/Provo Craft tools. I just got my Cricut Imagine last fall so I don't own very many cartridges yet so over my ribbon racks is perfect for right now. I keep my Cricut pens in an old candle jar on the racks right next to a jar of crocheted flowers my Mom made me and my Cricut Circle Membership Certificate is housed on the other ribbon rack. Under the counter top you can see a small, white storage drawer and my regular Cricut cartridges are stored in there. My Cuttlebug is handy at my work area as well. I also have a personal Cricut and to the left of my computer is my Imagine, however they just wouldn't all fit in the picture. My Cricuts are all in the midst of getting covers wonderfully crocheted by my Mom!