Saturday, August 7, 2010

Frugal Tips – 1

Adhesive along with paper, is one of the most expensive things we use in scrapbooking…it is on every page, every card and every project! I would much rather spend my $’s on paper, embellishments and of course my beloved Cricut, so I want to show you how I cut some corners in the Frugal Segments.

Dimensional foam is costly compared to a Zig pen, but it adds so much more interest to our projects, so I like to save a few $’s by getting the most out of my dimensional package. After you pop out the ‘dots’ you are left with the negative image, which just like the ‘dot’ is adhesive backed, so I cut these up as well and use them for popping up elements and the straight edge I often use as a long strip to make shadow boxes to house sequins, beads or die cuts.

Here is an example and you can see the real thing by going to my website at

Hope you find this a helpful tip! I would love to hear about your frugal tips, so please email me at

Happy Crafting!