Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Un-mounting rubber stamps

Un-mounting stamps from wooden blocks:

Pull the stamp away from the wooden block, and remove any foam until you are left with just the rubber image.

Lay the rubber images out and paint the back with an even coat of the Aleene’s Tack-It-Over glue and let dry for 24 hours. Once dry the glue is repositionable.

To stamp, simply put the image on your acrylic blocks and then clean as usual. Cleaning solution will not harm the repositionable glue.

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Making sheets of rubber compatible with acrylic blocks

I paint the back with a nice coat of Aleene’s Tack-It-Over glue and let dry for 24 hours.

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Building the binder

Then I take the sheet copy of the rubber / the plastic images from the top of the wooden block stamps etc. and scan it into the computer. Print two copies, one on Cardstock and one on plain paper stock.

I have a zippered binder which I have loaded with page protectors. I put the plain paper copy and the original into the page protector on the left and the Cardstock copy into the page protector on the right (this cardstock copy helps to support the weight of the stamps on the page protector).

Put the images over the appropriate picture on the page protector on the right. I can easily see all my stamps from the pictures on the left and I keep them in order this way, as I do not have to keep lifting the stamps to see what they are an image of.

Make sure you use a zippered binder to prevent any possible losses.

The repositionable glue allows you to take the stamp from the page protector and mount it onto an acrylic block. Stamp and clean as you would with a wood mount stamp, then lift off the block and replace onto the page protector!