Sunday, October 11, 2009

Center pointing with & without a Cricut Expression

One of the very fun features of the Cricut Expression is Center Point. You can position the blade at the center of the image or pattern you would like to cut from, then press 'Center Point', choose a cut from the keypad and the cut will use the position you chose as the center of the cut.

1. Place the photo on the cutting mat

2. Position the blade in the center of the portion of the image you wish to cut out

3. Press ‘Center point’

4. Press 'shift' and 'Q' which will select the circle. Now press cut.

Don't have an Expression? No problem, you can center point too!

1. Take a scrap piece of paper, I used a 4x6 photo paper here, and placed it on the bottom left corner of my mat.

2. Move your carriage to the top, right-hand corner of the paper, and press 'select paper size' this will tell the Cricut you are positioning the blade at 4 by 6. Now press 'shift' and 'Q' which will select the circle. Now press cut.

We have created a template. Now position the portion of your photo that you would like to to be the center of the circle, under this template WITHOUT moving the template. Lift the gently and slide your picture underneath.

Now remove the template, leaving your photo in place, and move the carriage back to the 4 by 6 position.

Press 'shift' and 'Q' to select the 'Circle' and press cut. The Cricut will now cut the circle into your photo.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to use the Center Point feature of the Expression, and how to achieve center point on the original Cricut. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer or help in any way I can.